Online Courses

Whether you’re in therapy or not, these online courses are for you.

Led by a licensed psychotherapist, these on-demand, actionable, therapeutic workshops are designed to help you address and improve your most pressing relationship and mental health concerns.

All it takes from you is a desire and willingness to improve the quality of your life, and I’ll help you from there.

Come learn with me.

Launching later this year, Annie will be rolling out online programming to share her best and most effective steps, tips and tricks to help you navigate and, when appropriate, take action on a wide range of matters including:

  • Skillfully dealing with dysfunctional families, including family-of-origin and inlaws;
  • Coping with and choosing estrangements and cut-offs;
  • Managing the guilt and shame that can come from estranging yourself from family;
  • Speaking to children about strained or estranged family relationships;
  • Loving someone with a mental illness but not slipping into a caretaker role;
  • Setting excellent and effective boundaries with difficult people;
  • Parenting your children in healthy, functional ways when that’s not the background you come from.

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