I truly hope you had wonderful holiday experiences in these past few days and weeks (if you celebrate). I certainly did and yet, on this beautiful Sunday morning with the holiday activity largely over, this time of the year, the short stretch of days between Christmas and New Years, is actually one of my very favorite times in the whole calendar cycle.

I find that, in this last stretch of the year, there’s a sense of slowing down, a darkening, a liminal lull in time that begs a sort of turning inward, of reflection, of curiosity around all that was in this past year and all that is longed for in the new.

And, for the past five years, I’ve actually had a practice of doing just this — using these last few reflective days to turn inwards and mindfully close out the year to get clear and conscious on all that I want to create in the coming year. It’s a grounding, clarifying, and helpful annual practice that’s allowed me to get more present, engaged, and curious about my life.

Two weeks ago on Sunday, December 13th, I shared my practice to mindfully close out 2015, and today I want to share the set of questions, prompts and inquiries I use to help me get curious, clear, and inspired ahttps://www.anniewrightpsychotherapy.com/2015/12/part-1-of-2-a-ritual-to-mindfully-close-2015-and-consciously-welcome-2016/bout what I want to create in 2016.

So pour yourself a mug of something warm and keep reading to consciously welcome your 2016 and to write your next chapter…


Hey there. This blog post has been retired and is now included (along with plenty of incredible other material) in my e-book “Soul + Strategy: The Ultimate Right Brain/Left Brain Annual Planning Workbook” which you can purchase from my digital shop here. 


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