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Helping those who didn’t have good childhoods
finally have wonderful adulthoods.

Welcome, I’m Annie Wright.

I’m a licensed therapist deeply committed to supporting the well-being of those who, while they didn’t come from the best childhoods, long to create wonderful adulthoods for themselves.

From my boutique therapy center in Berkeley, I work with my therapy clients to help them explore, heal, and move forward from their pasts towards a future that feels whole and beautiful no matter where they started from.

Outside of my in-person therapy services, I consult with fellow clinicians and produce digital content and online products designed to support you live a more enlivened, rich life. No matter where you live in the world, I look forward to supporting you in any way I can.

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Ways To Work With Annie



I provide weekly therapy to individuals living in the Bay Area. You can read more about my therapy work here.


EMDR Therapy

I provide EMDR therapy to individuals dealing with single or ongoing traumas, challenges, and stressful circumstances.


Online Offerings

I offer therapeutic e-books, online workshops and a membership program to help those living all over the world.


Adjunctive EMDR

I can support your work with another therapist by providing adjunctive EMDR as part of your treatment.



I support fellow mental health clinicians on a wide variety of clinical and practice-related topics.


Work At My Therapy Center

I founded and run a boutique therapy center in downtown Berkeley. If you’re interested in becoming part of the team, you can learn more here.

Annie has such a warm, authentic presence. I felt immediately comfortable with her the moment I started talking to her.

Lori F. | San Francisco, CA 
Lori F. | San Francisco, CA

[Annie] is a caring, dedicated and skilled therapist. If you are looking to increase your well-being with the help of a therapist – contact Annie. If you are dealing with relationship problems, depression or anxiety or you want to foster a more loving relationship with yourself, increase your self-esteem and/or develop a more positive relationship with food and body image – with Annie you will be in excellent hands.

Hannah G. | San Francisco, CA 
Hannah G. | San Francisco, CA

I love Annie! Every time I speak with her I feel listened to and respected. She has been a valuable confidant and supporter in my process of self-discovery.

Autumn W. | San Francisco, CA 
Autumn W. | San Francisco, CA

Annie has a way of being in the world that is beautifully intuitive, warm, compassionate, and comforting. Yet she can also get right to the heart of an issue with a fierce kindness that few people truly embody. I highly recommend Annie as a therapist and coach. She is one-of-a-kind and actually walks her talk.

Jennifer K. | Portland, OR 
Jennifer K. | Portland, OR

I have worked with Annie for several years now, and have the utmost respect and appreciation for her in her practice. I find her communication style to be warm when needed, funny when appropriate, diligent in timing, and direct when most helpful. I consider her one of my more helpful resources in life, and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of guidance, support, continuity, or change.

Brook M. | Oakland, CA 
Brook M. | Oakland, CA

Annie helped me – to put it in her words – “fully step into” my life, after helping me escape from a very unhealthy relationship. If I hadn’t moved overseas (a huge life decision that her sessions assisted with immensely), I would have continued my weekly sessions with her indefinitely for my overall mental health. Highly, highly recommended!

Rachel W. | Berkeley, CA 
Rachel W. | Berkeley, CA

Online Offerings

No matter where you live in the world, there are ways of working with me and receiving support.

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A few words of comfort on very hard days.

A few words of comfort on very hard days.

All of us, from time to time, will have hard days. Really, really hard days. This post is for those days and my hope is that it can bring you a sliver of comfort when you’re going through a hard time.


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